This is a story of an AIRBNB experience I recently went through. I met this awesome lady Crissie in my Facebook Group. Super nice lady, successful business owner, beautiful family, and they live in a small town in Idaho.

Crissie would post these amazing videos of the land and the snow, and the mountains and trees, and I told her one day I would come visit.

It‘s so absolutely beautiful there!


This place looks majestic! Like something you would see in a movie. After working like crazy on a new product launch, I felt like I needed a bit of a break. I hit up Crissie and told her I’m finally coming through to visit! : -)

I like my space when I travel and thought it would be fun to find a cool cabin.



Crissie was super happy I was finally coming, and hilarious as usual! LOL


I booked this place on AirBNB for 5 days, July 1st to July 5th


Crissie even drew me up this hilarious picture based on the locations of the Airbnb spot vs her home. 2 miles. Perfect!!!


Everything was set! As usual, I included a bit of info about myself on the airbnb listing to put the host at ease:


I’m actually going by myself, but I figured I would just add the possibility of another person so it wouldn’t feel extra weird

1st response: Dang! No luck, even though the dates were available all of a sudden, the host said she was going to use the place.


No biggie, I’m really flexible, Crissie told me late June is good as well, so I rebooked for June.


CANCELLED! Well daymn. So it wasn’t really the dates, the host cancelled my new request and ignored all future messages.


So I had a white friend book for my same dates and all of a sudden her plans changed back hahaha. Approved immediately! LOL


I realized that it wasn’t just me, that this was a systemic problem with people being discriminated against based on race, sexual orientation, and more.



After my story went viral I woke up to over 2,000 emails, many of people going through the same thing…based on race, sexual orientation, “muslim sounding names” and more.

I had to do something. Oh wait…


So we decided to take action and build a new platform where people of all backgrounds can travel and stay with respect, dignity, and love… and was born. Thanks for joining us on this journey! : -)

Rohan, Founder/CEO Innclusive