Meet the crew that keeps fresh linens on the beds at Innclusive

Zakiyyah Myers

Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Zakiyyah is a world traveler and full time mother of two. She is an unrivaled ‘connector’ and walking rolodex. She has been traveling and building relationships around the word for the last two decades. She brings over 20 years’ experience in management, operations, strategy, and logistics to Innclusive. Zakiyyah is an active member of the NomadnessTribe, Travel Noire, and quite possibly every other travel group under the sun.

Zakiyyah’s Best Travel Experience

Spent three weeks backpacking through 5 countries in Africa.

Rohan Gilkes

Founder & CEO

Meet the head honcho! A serial entrepreneur and founder of, an ecommerce lab that builds consumer facing internet companies, and He is a thought leader with published works in customer acquisition and growth. Rohan has been featured in the Washington Post, Mixergy, The Foundation, and in 2011 he was honored with the Community Award in Startup Leadership by the city of Fairfax, Virginia. He has developed and presented business case studies for Catholic University and Northwestern University's MBA program, a regular speaker at startup conferences, and a member of the Young Entrepreneur's Council.

Rohan’s Best Travel Experience

Being chased by chickens on a mountain top in Oahu Hawaii.  No chickens were hurt in that episode!

Dara King-Fequiere

Media Director

Dara King-Fequiere is a startup enthusiast who has traveled the world growing businesses and taking chances. Her startup experience has taken her from cosmopolitan, urban New York City to the open mountains of Boulder, Colorado. She specializes in creating engaging content that connects us to each other. Dara loves architecture and urban geography, and loves to explore any city. Ollie, our youngest team member, is her son and he is so adorable.

Dara’s Best Travel Experience

Eating Chris’s food when we travel, and I’m really good at it.

Chris Fequiere

Video Production

Chris Fequiere is an illustrator, animator and videographer that has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world. His passion for telling stories is translated into all of his work and he has an insane ability to simply explain complex ideas and concepts through his creativity. A first generation Haitian American, Chris is drawn to island living and loves spending his time in the Caribbean. Do not mess with this hubby/wife duo.

Chris’s Best Travel Experience

Cooking…literally, and I’m really good at it.

Gena Gossett

Director of Guest Relations

Gena is our resident singer and your Director of Guest Relations. A former singer in New York City's social clubs, Gena is responsible for providing stellar service and optimizing your guest experience. With over 20 years of delivering quality, unforgettable service, you are in perfect hands. Oh, and she still sings like a bird when no one is looking.

Gena’s Best Travel Experience

Getting lost while in Bordeaux with her husband Dennis and stumbling onto MILES restaurant. One word: yummy!

Michael Mayek

Director Of Design

Michael has an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. No matter how complex the challenge may be, he is always able to turn it into a simple and beautiful interface design. When he's not sculpting his biceps in the gym, he's sculpting modern day digital masterpieces.

Michael’s Best Travel Experience

It's yet to come... ;)

Stephanie Maisonneuve

Director of Property Operations

Stephanie is as diverse as her passions - traveling, creating sustainable startups, personal safety, connecting people, real estate, and home decoration. Founder of Cleanup, a home cleaning and organizing company, Stephanie has a wonderful eye for detail. One thing for sure, what’s important to you, is what's important to her. With years of leadership and management experience and a driven focus on customer satisfaction, Stephanie will direct the operations of properties and ensure that they surpass industry standards. Why? Because she has high expectations and because YOU come first.

Stephanie’s Best Travel Experience

Booking an economy flight to Las Vegas from Fort Lauderdale with one stop, and upon arrival to the airport persuading the customer service attendant into switching it to a first class non-stop flight to make it to her Penn and Teller show on time. It's the smile.

Kevin Pereira

Chief Product Officer

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur who has started several service and product based businesses. He got his start in real estate and in 2012 founded, a home cleaning company based in Silicon Valley centered on online booking. Two years later, Kevin created and grew, which sends a monthly package of classical shaving items to men and women globally. In 2015 Kevin founded, a SaaS business focusing on increasing conversions for online service based businesses. The man does not sleep.

Kevins’s Best Travel Experience

Hiking in the Huayhuash area of Peru.

Nikola Obradovic


Nikola’s years of experience in IT industry and entrepreneurial background have allowed him to act as CTO of Innclusive...well, and the fact he never sleeps. He says that he’s driven to succeed by his clients and his team members even more than his coffee.

Nikola’s Best Travel Experience

Traveling to "vacation" every year at Greece and working from there.

Kevin Simmons

Director of Strategy

Kevin is a world traveler and loves to celebrate life through learning. He spent over 15 years managing major capital projects in the global upstream oil & gas industry which saw him learning and living in multiple cultures from the USA to Nigeria to Korea and Indonesia. Kevin brings a broad, big-picture attitude to creating value through strategy, developed from a background in the military and honed with several global start-up experiences. He developed the innovative strategy for the tech start-up Libraries Across Africa and has a passion for solving challenging business problems. Call him Kevin #2.

Kevin’s Best Travel Experience

Hiking in Brazil’s Pantanal grasslands.v

Chidera Eggerue

Creative Director

With her witty approach to social media marketing, Chidera Eggerue is a style blogger and speaker who has been featured on CNN, The Evening Standard and i-D magazine just to name a few.

Chidera has broken barriers through public speaking - including her most recent talk she had at the Google Campus, along with her involvement in a panel discussion at TATE Britain.

Having recently won the 2016 NU People Magazine Inspire Award, Chidera has shown that through tackling many important issues affecting the world today, she can still mix her business activities seamlessly with inspiration and having fun being Innclusive's Creative Director!

Chidera’s Best Travel Experience

Riding a Gondola in Venice! The sailor sang my name for the entire boat ride and let me wear his scarf!

Innclusive was founded as a result of the discrimination marginalized groups were facing on other rental platforms. We're building a place where you can travel with respect, dignity, and love, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity or any of the other things that humans use to discriminate against other human beings.

Innclusive Vision

Innclusive envisions and helps create a world where culturally diverse community more easily travel and interact in the “real world” fostering greater connections and strengthening the global travel community.